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Project results and public deliverables will be updated here. Stay tuned for the latest news!

Project reports

D2.1 Quality control methods for MEA and bipolar plate production

D2.3 Selection and validation of stack materials

D3.2 Aqueous phase reformer design and initial catalyst selection

D4.1 Specification report

D5.1 System safety assessment

D6.1_Communication plan

D6.3 Updated communication plan

D6.8 Report on inital seminar and open workshop

D6.9 Summary of H2 summer school

D6.10 Report on industry stakeholder workshop

D6.11 Report on environmental analysis

D6.12 Initial market potential and business analysis


Peer reviewed scientific journal articles

Lakhtaria P, Ribeirinha P, Huhtinen W et al. Hydrogen production via aqueous-phase reforming for high-temperature proton exchange membrane fuel cells – a review [version 2; peer review: 1 approved]. Open Research Europe 2021, 1:81 (